Summer Requests for Back to School are Open!

This summer, we're excited to offer Back to School & Program Giving to empower your girls & women to "work their magic" with confidence as they return to school after summer! You can also use these gifts throughout the year to celebrate small (and large) accomplishments of your girls and women!  Gifts include beauty products, jewelry and accessories; please CLICK HERE to complete the form.

Once your gifts are ready, you will receive an email notification for pick-up at our warehouse in San Leandro, CA.  Please note we strive to fulfill every request but it's not always possible.  If we were unable to fulfill your request, please check back in the Fall for Holidays Requests.

Thank you for your partnership!

* For Back to School giving, we're unable to ship gifts; if you're in the Bay Area but can't make it to our warehouse, we recommend LUGG as an alternative or if you provide your UPS/FedEx #, we can send these out to you.