An Interview With Imeisha


My magic is my strength 


This summer in New York City, creative agency Select World hosted a Project Glimmer Day of Empowerment called Work Your Magic. Foster youth from the five boroughs attended an afternoon of workshops, makeovers, professional photos and an inspiring panel discussion. We had the pleasure of interviewing one attendee, Imeisha, who shared her experience with us…

“Project Glimmer helps us find our magic.” - Imeshia

“Project Glimmer helps us find our magic.” - Imeshia

About Imeshia

Country of Birth: Haiti

Current Residence: New York

Languages:  Haitian Creole, French, English 

Future Goal:  Continue studies after college at Academy of Art or FIT. Wants to work in the fashion industry as a designer. 

Major: Communications studies;  2nd Year in College. 

Occupation: Music Promoter

Hobbies: Graffiti, Drawing, Listening to music 

Role model:  An older friend; “she knows her goal in life and works hard to realize her dreams, and she’s very successful which inspires me.”

“I moved to America without my family’s support. I’ve been through a lot with my family. Family can destroy you, you know what I mean. They tell me I’ll never be something, they don’t want to see me winning. It was hard for me seeing others with their family and their family’s support. However, I turned everything they said into positivity.” 

One day I’ll realize my dream and become something they never thought I’d become.
— Imeshia

Why did you cho0se strength as your magic? 

“Because strength is everything. I’ve been through a lot and still remain strong by turning negativity into motivation.” Her magic comes from her dad. “My dad made me remain strong, and told me since she I was a small child I’ve always got to be strong. People gonna disappoint you, even people you believe in, just stay strong.” 

“A lot of young girls need that in their life, it means a lot to me.” - Imeshia

“A lot of young girls need that in their life, it means a lot to me.” - Imeshia

What was your experience at this Day of Empowerment?

“It was the first time doing everything that I love. The photoshoot was fun, as well as the resume workshop. The people there treated me well, everybody was friendly.  They’re people in the same situation as me, we’re all the same and they became so successful. I got good advice from the panel speakers, they were inspiring and push me even more towards my dream.”


What did you gain from this Day of Empowerment? 

“I learned a lot of new stuff, especially to work my magic!” *laughs*

I’ve been working my magic since Day 1, and this made me realize I’ve been working my magic without even knowing it.” 

Jennifer Tran