Ray Bradley

Ray helps build and maintain the Project Glimmer website.

Ray is an architect-turned-technology leader with a passion for beautifully-designed digital experiences. For over twenty years he’s been designing, building, and leading technology initiatives as both an entrepreneur and a company man. He’s currently VP of Mobile Product Management at American Express, helping deliver a new generation of compelling mobile products for Amex cardmembers.

Prior to his current tenure at American Express, Ray co-founded, built, and sold Sepialine, a San Francisco-based business software company. Before that, at Autodesk, Ray used his design and technical background to help launch Buzzsaw, a prescient web collaboration service for designers.

Before turning his attention to software Ray studied and practiced architecture. He holds an architecture degree from Berkeley and still holds his license to practice architecture, just in case. A southern California native with strong Bay Area ties, Ray currently lives in New York with his wife and three kids. In his spare time he proudly lends a technical hand to non-profit groups like Project Glimmer.