Donate your birthday and help change lives! It's easy. Instead of gifts, ask for a donation.

You can help fulfill the birthday wishes of thousands of at-risk teenage girls by 'Donating Your Birthday."  All it takes to help is a few simple steps:

1) VISIT the Create a Fundraiser page on Facebook

2) CLICK on “Create Fundraiser”

3) SELECT nonprofit: Project Glimmer

4) ADD a cover photo: Select one from Project Glimmer in this folder or choose your own

5) FUNDRAISER TITLE (suggestion): I’m donating my birthday to the girls who need it most! 

6) TELL YOUR STORY (suggestion): This year I’m donating my birthday to @ProjectGlimmer. Project Glimmer inspires girls and women to believe in themselves by letting them know their community cares. Project Glimmer fulfills the birthday wishes of girls with beautiful gifts of jewelry and beauty products. During my birthday month, please join my fundraiser for Project Glimmer to bring girls the joy, dignity and knowledge that we care. A girl who believes in herself can change the world.  #giveglimmer

END DATE (suggestion): Your full birthday month

GOAL AMOUNT (suggestion): $500