Christina Kramlich

Christina Kramlich is a Senior Director at SoFi (Social Finance, Inc.), building a new business initiative within the fast-growing lending startup company that is revolutionizing financial services for early career professionals. 

Previously, she was Co-Head of Marketplace Investments and Investor Relations for SoFi, and has worked at the company since early 2012. Prior to joining SoFi, she was Director, New Product Development at Integrated Insights Consulting; VP of Business Development at music software company Moodlogic, and Senior Manager of Business Development at the first online credit card company, NextCard. 

Christina holds a BA in History from Columbia College in NY and an MBA (1998) from The JL Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University.

Christina lives with her family on a small farm in Petaluma and enjoys family, traveling, wine, and seeing the world through the ears of a horse.