Brett Lilienthal

Brett is a San Francisco native.  She attended the University of Southern California for her undergraduate degree and later, after deciding to become a teacher, received her Masters in Education from Columbia University.  After graduating from Columbia, Brett spent several years teaching third grade girls at The Spence School in New York where she loved every minute of her time.

Once Brett returned to her hometown of San Francisco, she was back in the classroom teaching fourth grade boys at Town School for Boys.  No longer in the classroom, Brett is currently working with multiple academic subjects in a one-to-one learning environment with children ranging from 3rd to 9th grades.

For Brett, the opportunity to work with children, focusing on their academics in this way, has been inspirational.  When Project Glimmer was first created, it was yet another inspirational opportunity for Brett to focus on kids in the San Francisco community to help share joy at the holiday time of year with everyone.